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Do not use her service!! This is what I have experienced:
Terrible customer service
Anger management issue
Mental issue
Jeckyll and Hyde
Mouthy and condesending
Did I mentioned just plain Looney? I gave you warnings...

Worst Renting Experience Imaginable
I had the worst possible experience dealing with Vera Ruser. Over the duration of my lease, several emails I sent to Vera went unanswered. When I was trying to figure out how I would get my security deposit back (keep in mind, one week before I was moving out), I called Vera to talk about the process. First, she told me she had spoken with legal counsel and that the property management company had no obligation to refund my money. She then became very hostile, yelled and spoke very rudely before finally hanging up on me. Vera also told me all of my roommates could move out and that she didn't care. That afternoon, she spoke with my former roommate, who she told to tell me "She was just hormonal," and that was why she was so rude during our telephone exchange.

Dealing with Vera was, bar none, the worst customer service experience I have ever endured. Although, I'm not sure I should be surprised by Vera's lack of customer service skills - she repeatedly promised my roommates that our house would be getting "new cabinets, flooring, and appliances." None of this ever happened. Additionally, it took some time to figure out but I finally realized that Vera never replies to emails because she doesn't like to put things in writing because this would require some level of commitment. From start to finish, I received inexcusably terrible customer service. Under no circumstances would I recommend Vera or any organization which chooses to keep her on their payroll.

Vera Ruser is possibly the worst real estate agent in this area. She is very unorganized and doesn't know half of the things she said. Multiple times has she insulted me and my family personally and then a few minutes later calls back and has no recollection of what she even said. If she has a mental disorder she needs to get it taken care handled because it is extremely unprofessional. She also promised us things and then later claimed she never said anything. Also, she doesn't follow DC codes and takes advantage of ignorant people because we are first time home buyers. She also charges a ridiculous amount for things that shouldn't even be charged to the tenants. She needs to have her license revoked and never work with clients face to face again.

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